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Speciesism and a Cold Rooster with Pattrice Jones of VINE Animal Sanctuary (S9)

VINE Sanctuary is an LGBTQ-led refuge for farmed animals that propels social justice alongside environmental campaigns. Being one of the oldest and largest farmed animal sanctuaries in the United States, they house upwards of 500 animals at any given time. Pattrice mentioned the self-proclaimed multi-species community is created by both human and non-human community members.

The sanctuary's journey began when Pattrice and Miriam Jones found themselves in the Delmarva

Peninsula, the breeding ground of the poultry industry

The Turn towards Compassion

Pattrice kissing a black cow on the forehead
Pattrice Jones and Lovely Cow!

Pattrice recounted an experience where they found a chicken who had jumped from a truck headed for slaughter. Forced to reevaluate their initial cheer for the chicken's escape, they realized its likely death in the winter cold. This led to a turning point for Pattrice and Miriam, leading them to provide refuge, care, and rehabilitation for rescued animals.

Challenging Stereotypes and Being Advocates

Touching upon the problematic gender stereotypes in the animal world, Pattrice discussed their work with roosters. There is a common belief that roosters, especially those used in cockfighting, are incurably aggressive. However, Pattrice shared their gradual shift from this assumption to developing rehabilitation protocols for such roosters.

Intersectionality and Activism

Pattrice emphasized the crucial nature of intersectionality in activism, arguing that various forms of discrimination and exploitation are interconnected. In the context of speciesism and human supremacy, she argued that recognizing the validity of each individual's rights and concerns across species can help pave the way towards a healthier planet.

Rooster struts with purpose across a yard
An Unsplash Photo

Animal-Rights: More Than a Personal Choice

Veganism, for Pattrice, is the baseline. While it is a step in the right direction, it's crucial to remember that the ultimate goal is to make space for animals to be heard. Pattrice called on the audience to question their unexamined human supremacy and strive towards creating spaces for the voices of animals.


Diving into the enriching exploration of activism, animals, identity — Pattrice delivered a narrative laden with interwoven aspects of social justice, speciesism, and personal stories, opening new avenues of discourse in animal rights activism. In her words, it is crucial to note that "The rightful leaders of the animal rights movement are animals themselves. We are at best allies". As we challenge our notions and work collectively towards inclusion, it's essential to bring forth the voices that often get overshadowed in the din of our conversations. Note: Pattrice's latest book, "Bird's Eye Views: Queer Queries About Activism, Animals and Identity", goes in detail about the

multifaceted aspects we touched upon in this blog. All proceeds go towards the Vine Sanctuary.
Cover of Bird's-Eye Views

(This blog post was based on an AI generated script and edited by me for accuracy and additional information)

"If you are interested in making the world better for animals, doing something about climate change, solving any social justice problems, veganism is going to be a necessary step." - Pattrice Jones

Episode 6 of Series 9: Unveiling Vegan Culture Transcript

Discussing the realities of racism, sexism, and speciesism, we explore how these issues are not standalone problems but are intricately linked. Vine Sanctuary, a beacon of hope and healing, exemplifies the power of community alliances — a sanctuary not just for animals but for humans too, particularly those from marginalized LGBTQ and BIPOC communities.

This episode isn't just about animal activism; it's an exploration of deep-seated ideologies and the political weight of our personal choices.

Cover of Biological Exuberance: Large Colorful Bird (Cassowary)

Guest: Pattrice Jones is a cofounder of VINE Sanctuary, an LGBTQ-led refuge for farmed animals, as well as an internationally recognized ecofeminist scholar and activist.  Her new book, Bird's-Eye Views: Queer Queries About Activism, Animals, and Identity, collects essays by Pattrice jones on numerous topics relevant to human-animal relations.

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