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Host: Marika completed her MA in Anthrozoology at the ⁠University of Exeter⁠, UK in 2016 and upon moving back to the Seattle area of Washington state she joined the board of ⁠Homeward Pet Adoption Center⁠. She also holds a ⁠University degree in Zoology (UW)⁠ and a CPDT-KA from the ⁠Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers⁠.

Now, host of The Deal with Animals, she enjoys chatting authors, nonprofits, professionals, academics and enthusiasts about the various disciplines of Anthrozoology.

Credits: The Deal With Animals is hosted by Marika. Music was composed by ⁠Kai Strandskov⁠. Editing is provided by Marika Bell and Natasha Matsaert.

Recording and post production software for this episode by ⁠Zencastr ⁠and hosting provided by ⁠Anchor.⁠

This Podcast is part of the ⁠IROAR Animals Podcasting Network ⁠

This podcast was produced on Historical Tribal Land of the ⁠Quinault Indian Nation⁠ and ⁠The Snoqualmie Tribe Ancestral Lands

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Natasha Matsaert (behind the scenes)!

Hi I'm Natasha! I'm a Masters student studying Anthrozoology at the University of Exeter and am responsible for the producing the TDWA Newsletter and editing of many of the podcast episodes! My interests in the realm of anthrozoology are broad and all-encompassing but thus far in my degree I have been particularly drawn to feminist-vegan critical theory, the politics of belonging surrounding urban wildlife, and nonhuman representation in film and art. What's the deal with animals? I'm listening in to find out!

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