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Sneak Preview and A Chat with Marika about the new series, Animals of the Maui Wildfires...

Updated: Jun 11

I'm looking to guest on podcasts or other media that are interested in hearing about the animals of the Maui wildfires and the efforts that Maui Humane Society took to rescue, reunify, and adopt the animals of the burn zone.

I can offer your listeners fascinating details into the creation of this four episode series covering a story arc of five staff members of Maui Humane Society who worked inside the burn zone to rescue and recover the companion Animals of the Lahaina community who, through the confusion and chaos surrounding the fires, were left behind or lost. The series will be premiering in June 2024 and will coordinate with a fundraiser hosted by The Deal with Animals podcast, to benefit Maui Humane society through August 8th, 2024 the anniversary of the Maui wildfires.

I will be doing interviews about the series and the fundraiser from now until August 2024

Here is a sneak peak of the trailer out next week!

A women with dark hair , walking away wearing a staff shirt from Maui Humane Society
Maui Staff Member

"October, 2023. My family and I visited Maui two months after the island-changing wildfires. So, of course, I reached out to Maui Humane Society and asked if they would like to have a chat."

What followed were profound conversations with staff members from Maui Humane Society, painting a broader picture of the disaster’s impact on the community, including their animal family members, and the subsequent efforts MHS took to reunify lost pets from the fires with their families.

"There are many people here that still believe that Hawaii should never be a part of the United States. So, there is a hesitation of allowing people from mainland U. S. to come in and advise as to how things should be run." -Katie, Media Liaison/Director of Marketing and Communications

"I should have just left the door open. I could have, I should have done this, but disasters are very complicating." -Johnny, Community Liaison

'My mom's panning to show everyone, right, what she's seeing and she's not paying attention, but I'm paying attention and I see, in the rear view mirror, I see the black clouds of smoke, and it's coming their direction.

In that moment, fear struck me." - Moani, Humane Enforcement and Education Officer

A medium size tabby cat with a clipped ear and slightly singed whiskers sitting with tail curled around her feet,
Fire Cat

"That road was completely blocked at one point to anybody because it got too overwhelming. And then, of course, the public, very upset and wanted answers and wanted to know what the plans were and what the next steps were." - Emily, Reunification and Fire Cat Specialist

"The fire burnt so hot that it even melted asphalt and we could see paw prints all over the place. These animals went through hell." - Jenny, Director of Development

a small painted stone that reads, Lahaina Strong
Volunteer-made stones at MHS

Follow the deal with animals now, wherever you listen to podcasts. So you don't miss a single episode.

Thank you for joining me as we ask the question. "What's the deal with the animals of the Maui Wildfires?"


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