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Trailer: Animals of the Maui Wildfires

Updated: 4 days ago

The Trailer for Series 11: Animals of the Maui Wildfires is out now!

This series will cover episodes 100-104 and finish of the first season of The Deal with Animals.

We follow five staff members of Maui Humane Society as they experience the August 2023 wildfires on Maui and the extraordinary efforts of the Maui Humane Society staff in the devastating aftermath.

Through personal stories of rescue and recovery. The five colleagues share their harrowing experiences and dedication to saving animals and reuniting them with their families. The narrative explores the cultural and emotional impact on the Maui community, highlighting the deep bonds between humans and their pets.

With firsthand accounts, the series showcases the resilience, compassion, and enduring spirit of the Maui community. The story also addresses broader challenges such as the housing crisis and the importance of learning from past experience to inform and shape the path forward.

To find out more about Maui Humane Society and to make a donation towards the TDWA/MHS collaborative fundraiser...

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