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The Deal With Animals

With Marika S. Bell, Certified Professional Dog Trainer,  MA Anthrozoology

Herd of Elephants

An Anthrozoology Podcast

Learning about the connection and interaction between humans and other animals:

Humans interact with animals every day of our lives: diet, wildlife, clothes and even medicines, are all intersections we often don’t think about. This is a podcast about the interactions and connections between humans and non-human animals.
Our mission is to make research more accessible to the public while sharing the voices and lived experience of our human connection with animals.

Series and Episodes

Each series has a theme with 6-8 episodes. New episodes publish every two weeks!

Series One: Health and Wellness

Series Two: Conservation

Series Three: Equity and Social Justice in Animal Advocacy

Series Four: Wildlife Encounters

Series Five: Children and Other Animals

Aggression in Dogs Conference

Series Six: The Animal Protagonist

Emerging Voices For Animal in Tourism Conference

Series Seven: Animals and The Divine

Series 8: The World of Aninmal Welfare and Sheltering

Upcoming Series: 

Working Animals

Animal Law

Vegan Culture

Animals in Art and Literature

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