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The Deal With Animals

With Marika S. Bell, Certified Professional Dog Trainer,  MA Anthrozoology

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Herd of Elephants

An Anthrozoology Podcast

Learning about the connection and Interaction between humans and other animals:

Humans interact with animals every day of our lives. Even those without pets interact with animals in various ways: diet, wildlife, the clothes they wear. Even most medicines use animals in testing or in the medicine itself. This is a podcast about Anthrozoology: the study of interaction between humans and non-human animals.

Seasons and Episodes

Each season has a theme with 6-8 episodes. New episodes publish every two weeks!

Season One: Health and Wellness
Season Two: Conservation
Season Three: Equity and Social Justice in Animal Advocacy
Season Four: Wildlife Encounters
Upcoming seasons: 
Children and Other Animals
Animal Communication
Animal Law
Animal Welfare
The Animal Lens

Family with Pets
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