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The Deal With Animals

With Marika S. Bell, Certified Professional Dog Trainer,  MA Anthrozoology

Herd of Elephants

An Anthrozoology Podcast

Learning about the connection and Interaction between humans and other animals

Humans interact with animals every day of our lives. Even those without pets interact with animals in various ways: diet, wildlife, the clothes they wear. Even most medicines use animals in testing or in the medicine itself. This is a podcast about Anthrozoology: the study of interaction between humans and non-human animals.

Seasons and Episodes

Each season has a theme with 6-8 episodes. New episodes publish every two weeks!

Season One: Health and Wellness
Season Two: Conservation
Season Three: Equity and Social Justice in Animal Advocacy
Season Four: Wildlife Encounters
Upcoming seasons: 
Children-The Other Non-human Animal
Animal Communication
Animal Law
Animal Welfare
The Animal Lens

Family with Pets